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Venwoude - Mondo Zen™

Two times a year, Venwoude Retreat Center is "The European Retreat Center for Mondo Zen™ and Integral Zen Training".

We are honored and blessed to host European Mondo Zen Retreats with Zen Masters and friends Jun Po Roshi and Doshin Roshi.

They acknowledge Venwoude as a deep and inspiring container for their Retreats, due to the years of integral conscious practice at Venwoude.

Programm 2018 & 2019

March 12th - 18th 2018 Silent Zen Retreat
October 8th - 14th 2018 Mondo Zen Koan Process
March 11th - 17th 2019 Mondo Zen Teacher Training

Mondo Zen Koan Process Retreat
October 2018

In this 7 day Mondo Zen retreat not only your connection to your true nature will deepen, you will most certainly find your specific Bodhisatva-way to live life more gracefull and fierce, in the middle of the fire!

This Mondo Zen Retreat is a modern adaptation of the traditional Japanese Rinzai Zen retreats. All practices during this 7-day retreat are done in English in order to facilitate direct, personal understanding of the methods and goals.

In addition to traditional Zazen (sitting meditation) and Koan study, Yoga or Internal Martial Arts is part of the daily practice.

In this school of Zen, it is essential that you awaken, and there is a fierce, yet compassionate, insistence that you do so now. Meditating and sitting quietly is not enough! You must realize your inherent freedom. You must answer the question, “Who are you?” from the purest depths of realization, moving far beyond the normal modes of speculative thought.

This retreat offer men and women the opportunity to experience the “answer” to this question in a way that transcends all hope, fear, and doubt. Read more >

Live life more gracefull and fierce, in the middle of the fire!

What is Mondo Zen?

Mondo Zen™ is based on Japanese and Chinese Zen, updated for the 21st Century. Mondo Zen™ transcends the hierarchical / authoritarian, gender-biased and constraining monastic aspects of traditional Zen in favor of practical, experiential “in the world” engagement. Relying only on direct personal experience—as taught by the Buddha himself—it does not allow mythic constructs to complicate its philosophical orientation. Read more >

Venwoude & Jun Po Denis Kelly

The moment several staff-members of Venwoude (Netherlands) 'discovered' and met Jun Po Denis Kelly and his Mondo Zen teachings, they were on fire.

Venwoude, a Sangha and meeting place, where thousands find their support, training and practice, to contribute to the world from a more awakened perspective…

Jun Po's profound way of putting Koan-practice right in the middle of every-day-life…

A beautifull match, kind of love-at-first-sight!

Jun Po Denis Kelly Roshi

Jun Po Denis Kelly, received his Zen Masters recognition in 1992. He was Vice Abbot and head monk as well as resident yoga teacher at Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kong Ji in the Catskill Mountains in New York state from 1987 through 1993. His Inka Zen lineage is in the Rinzai tradition, through Eido Shimano Roshi of the The Zen Studies Society. His yoga lineage is that of BKS Iyengar and Patabi Jois. Jun Po has been practicing, studying and teaching Zen and Yoga for over twenty-five years. Read more >

Doshin Michael Nelson Roshi

Doshin received Inka, Zen Masters recognition, from Jun Po in 2011. Since the beginning, Doshin has fully dedicated his life to refining and spreading De-Light of this truly transformational practice of Mondo Zen™. He brings both an Integral perspective and a deep understanding of personal and collective shadows.
Read more >
Read more on Integral Zen>

Silent Zen Retreat March 2018

In March 2018 Jun Po Roshi and Vicara Roshi will lead the second Silent Zen Retreat at Venwoude and in Europe. Last years' Silent Retreat was an exquisite powerful container to deep experiences of seeing through ego-mind and resting in Buddh-consciousness. The De-Light of the two Roshi's added loads of humor and clear understanding of mind and meditation.

This Retreat is for those who want to deepen their meditation practice within the Dharma of the Mondo Zen tradition. This Silent Retreat contains sitting meditation, walking meditation, meditation in movement (Qigong and yoga), meditation in action, Dharma talks and Dokusan.

Two Roshi’s leading a Retreat is also a nice opportunity for Dharma combat and fun! Vicara Mary Connelly has been at Venwoude before in Mondo Zen Retreats. She is the first woman who received Inka transmission (and is therefor now Roshi) by Jun Po, in the lineage of Rinzai Zen.

"Now it is time to sit and cook" (Jun Po Roshi)

"What a deeply gratifying pleasure to share the silence, the bell tones and the beautiful voices of such a resilient community - artful in how it decorates the landscape, yet deeply respectful of even the smallest stones. These roots go deep enough to hold up several generations at a time." (Jan Sendzimir)

Mondo Training Manual 2016

Last year the Roshi’s and their friends have made a beautiful effort by upgrading the Mondo Zen Koan process. It has become so much clearer in language and understanding.
Mondo Training Manual 2016 >

"Mondo Zen training is one of the most important, creative, and novel additions to the meditation pantheon, highly recommended for the accelerated effect it has on spiritual growth and development. Definitely check it out!"
- Ken Wilber, The Integral Vision

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