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WildTantra Path of Awakening

for Singles & Lovers

WildTantra Path of Awakening is a journey from pleasure to bliss, from ignorance to understanding, from illusion to awakening! In this vibrant alive process Tantra is exploring an ultimate path of enlightenment where everything in you is used, transformed to fuel your body, your heart and your being with the highest quality of life force, of love and of consciousness.

The Steps of WildTantra Path of Awakening:

Juicing up the body with its full potential of orgasmic energy
Lighting up the heart with the fire of devotion
Seducing the mind to crack its shell of ignorance to expand into unlimited consciousness
Waking up lovingly the fearful sleepy-self to dissolve into the unknown

WildTantra Path of Awakening is equally open for singles and lovers. It is set up as 2-year process in which each retreat builds upon the previous one. Still each retreat is a complete process in itself that can be booked individually. For advance and intensive retreats, participation to some of our previous retreats is highly recommended, as it will ease your process. For upgrading your life to a high level of love and consciousness, we invite you to jump into the whole process as it deepens your transformation with every step.

Within the first year, we encourage you to explore your energy with different partners in our retreats, but in the second year of the process you are invited to stay with one partner during some of the advanced retreats, in order to deepen your ability to love, to awaken deeper layers of your energy and to discover the value of entering a process with a meditation partner. The retreats 5, 6, 7 & 8 are specially structured for lovers and meditation partners.

Year 1

Orgasmic Body
Retreat 1          6 - 9 April 2017
This retreat guides you into rediscovering your potential of living life fully from the body, bypassing the protection mechanism of the mind that builds up bodily tension and a lack of love, as well as a sense of separation. The process restores your direct connection with life by awakening and exploring the life forces and the sexual flow in the body. It disarms the pelvis and sex from tensions and breaks breathing patterns with the aim to return to a natural breathing that bridges the body sensations with the heart. This process returns the spontaneity, vitality, and sensuality to the life energy and it restores the body’s ability for pleasure and sacred touch.

During the retreat we give you the space, situations and methods to trust your body-heart connection to unite with ‘God’ – with deep pleasure and sensuality without the restrictive belief that love is pure and the body not. We offer you a ‘bed’ where love and the body can make love freely, blissfully, in order for you to come back into your pure state of sensual innocence.

The main areas of exploration:
Opening up sexual path flow in the body
Awakening desire force
Letting go of fear restriction for deep pleasure
Reviving the Sacred within
Initiation to “Breathing into Union”
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Female-Male Orgasm
Retreat 2           8 - 11 June 2017
Within this retreat women and men are separated for 3 days before coming back together for specific practices. It allows them to explore different issues, topics, qualities belonging to the uniqueness of their gender.
The process unfolds and offers understanding on the dynamic of sex by exploring the depth of orgasms in the male and female bodies. The process is revealing the healing power of orgasm and its spiritual dimension of unity. During the retreat we give you tools to regain the association of sex and the divine inside of you. We explore how the heart has a major role in opening the sexual energy flow and how orgasm can be a divine expression of love.

The main areas of exploration:

Regaining your full capacity for orgasm if you lost it or if you can’t find it.
Expanding the orgasm you already have to deeper fulfillment.
Healing your genital from past trauma, misused, misunderstanding.
Connecting sexual energy in various channels in your body.
Letting go of destructive associations with sex.
  Moving from pleasure to bliss.
Lifting up the ego centred relation between man and woman to a relation at the service of love and consciousness.
Destroying within you the social conditions of what it is to be a man and a woman
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Kundalini Awakening
Retreat 3         14 - 17 September 2017
Activating and harmonizing the kundalini flow through methods that awaken the principle of union of inner polarities and that root you into awareness. The process opens up the space of non-duality from where deep experiences of oneness with a partner and within you are possible.

This whole retreat is devoted to opening up the bliss flow inside of us. Bliss is a great state of Joy, which does not comprise duality. It is not like happiness, which always calls forth unhappiness. This is joy without reverse process! It happens when we surrender to unity. Within us we carry an energy named Kundalini that can guide us into unity. During the retreat we open the Kundalini flow in the body through specific Tantric methods, through letting go and through centering in trust in order to reach an inner state of bliss.

The main areas of exploration:
Awakening Kundalini flow
Circulating sexual energy
Supporting positive qualities
Facing fears
Centering into the Watcher
Surrendering to the Goddess forces
Shifting to the non-dual dimension
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Love making Ritual
Retreat 4         23 - 26 November 2017
In this retreat you are invited to refine lovemaking to the Arya Tantra, which unites the force of desire to the devotional alchemy of the heart by worshipping the sexual energy as doorway to the inner secrets of creation. The process creates a drastic change of your sexual life by shifting you from ego-centered sexuality into conscious, blissful, nourishing sexuality where intimate meeting becomes a source of awakening and a source of the creating force.

The main areas of exploration:
Refining interbourse to the Arya Tantra
Opening to the Arya of Creation
Entering the Great Desire
Building up Clear Intention in lovemaking
Awakening the qualitties of devotion/worship
Stabilizing yourself into bliss
Being in touch with the Divine creation within you
Trust in your capacity to embrace and create a life supporting you
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Year 2

Tantric Initiation

Retreat 5          13 - 16 April 2017
How sexual energy is linked to esoteric powers, is one of the precious aspects of Tantra we explore within this retreat, by opening up fully our clarity and intuitive capacity. The process guides you into the hidden mysteries of Noor Ritual, into the power of sacred sounds, words, symbols, plants and into activating your healing and protective energy in order to resolve inner illusions pulling you down into karmic patterns. It opens you up to the connection with the Master’s dimension where you can tap into the source of consciousness to guide you into clear directions in order to set up a life style based on cultivating energies that support your awakening.

The main areas of exploration:

Protecting your own energy field from negative input
Setting up an inner and outer sacred space for intimacy
Dissolving inner illusions
Activating healing forces
Healing karmic pains
Activating third eye potential
Initiation into esoteric forces
Healing karmic pains
Noor Ritual
Power of sacred sounds, words and plants
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Silent Orgasm
Retreat 6           15 - 18 June 2017
This intimate retreat awakens the Inner Circle of your energy by transmuting sexual intercourse into inner intercourse. The process redirects the sexual fire into an alive vibrant inner dimension where you can enter the Silent Orgasm; a space beyond time, form, gender, personality and ego. On a body level, it opens you to timeless orgasm rooted in consciousness more than in sex and yet creating deep orgasmic sensations. It invites you to a great tantric paradox of being fully present and yet totally absent and into surrendering sex to love and consciousness while still enjoying the pure wildness of sex.

The main areas of exploration:
Awakening the Inner Circle
Surrender sex to love and consciousness
Letting go of the sense of separation
Transmuting sexual energy to sensual awakening
Stepping out of mind and ego
Expanding to silent communion
Resting into Silent Orgasm
Taping into consciousness
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Transmission retreat
Retreat 7          20 - 24 september 2017
This retreat is a journey into the Kaula dimension of the Tantra lineage of the Heart of All. Oral transmissions from our Tantric Master are given every day through Gitama to empower your heart, your awareness with clarity. Specific meditations based on exploring consciously all the expressions of love are developed with partners chosen for you. It strengthens and centres you in the fire of awareness, thus opening you to a totally new type of life where your actions are based on manifesting love and consciousness.

This retreat can be a major break through in your life. It burns inner conflicts with existence that are rooted in misunderstandings of what love is. It aligns your whole being to live a life according to everything that supports your awakening.

The main areas of exploration:
Connecting to divine inner/outer resources
Surrender to love and consciousness
Welcoming others to be your mirror
Stepping out of projection, dream
Embracing silence, emptiness
Letting go of boundaries
Reviving the inner fire
Receiving Tantric transmission
Initiation to the Kaula dimension
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Darkness Retreat

Retreat 8
29 november - 3 december and
6 - 10 december

Entering the state of dissolution where the veil of illusion is uncovered to reveal the original source where you come from. This retreat is set up totally in darkness where specific meditations are practiced to build up energy towards the third eye to bring about a shift of consciousness. The sensory deprivation of light for a few days accelerates drastically your inner evolution towards Awakening. It opens access to wisdom, insights, offering you answers and resources for drastic life changes.

The main areas of exploration:
Burning the identification to the ego, mind, illusion…
Entering inner space of truth, clarity
Opening the third eye dimension
Shift of consciousness
Transforming old unresolved karmaHealing body and spiritual wounds
Restoring healthy flow of energy in the body
Facing the fear of death
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