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WildTantra Union explores and reveals the inner secrets of orgasms. The principal one is that orgasm is not confined to sex as we tend to believe, but to the union of two elements, such as my hand holding your hand, or music penetrating your ear, or my heart melting with your heart... just to name a few examples. Orgasm is relaxing into non-duality. It is expansion of consciousness and it is sacred! This is the central point of the Tantra teaching, not to be confused with indulging in sex, but to be handled with great reverence.
The opening up of these secrets of union involve a great liberation of unifying forces within you, which awakens and centers you into living life from non-duality. It is an inner revolution, which rejuvenates your being with a constant flow of light that makes it worth to call your life divine!

Orgasmic Body
Union 1          4 – 6 April 2014
This retreat guides you into rediscovering your potential of living life fully from the body through bypassing the protection mechanism of the mind that build up bodily tension and a lack of love as well as a sense of separation. The process restores your direct connection with life by awakening and exploring the life forces and the sexual path flow in the body. It disarms the pelvis and sex from tensions and breaks breathing patterns with the aim to return to a natural breathing that bridges the body sensations with the heart. This process returns the spontaneity, vitality, and sensuality to the life energy and it restores the body’s ability for pleasure and sacred touch.

During the retreat we give you the space, situations and methods to trust your body-heart connection to unite with ‘God’ – with deep pleasure and sensuality without the restrictive belief that love is pure and the body not. We offer you a ‘bed’ where love and the body can make love freely, blissfully, in order for you to come back into your pure state of sensual innocence.

The main areas of exploration:
Opening up sexual path flow in the body
Awakening force of desire
Letting go of fear restriction for deep pleasure
Reviving the Sacred within
Initiation to “Breathing into Union”
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Female-Male Orgasms
Union 2            5 – 8 June 2014
                     & 11 - 14 September

Unfolding and understanding the dynamic of sex by exploring the depth of orgasms in the male and female bodies and by opening up to supportive, friendly intimate relations. The process is revealing the healing power of orgasm and its spiritual dimension of union.

This retreat supports you in opening up to an extended orgasmic state of unity. We like to awaken our potential of unity through the body. Tantra has developed many keys to get to this state of unity, one of them is orgasm. Orgasm is a natural state of unity brought about by the body when different polarities melt together. Tantric methods offer a way to prolong this state of unity by staying present at the moment of orgasm. It is a subtle play of letting go into pleasure and, at the same time, staying present. It requires we build up awareness, relaxation and trust.

The main areas of exploration:
Exploring, awakening orgasm
Letting go of destructive associations with sex
Balancing male and female aspects
Transforming sex into meditation
Waking up the Watcher
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Kundalini Awakening
Union 3         18 – 21 September 2014
Activating and harmonizing the kundalini flow through methods that awaken the principle of union of inner polarities and that root you into awareness. The process opens up the space of non-duality from where deep experiences of oneness with a partner and within you are possible.

This whole retreat is devoted to opening up the bliss flow inside of us. Bliss is a great state of Joy, which does not comprise duality. It is not like happiness, which always calls forth unhappiness. This is joy without reverse process ! It happens when we surrender to unity. Within us we carry an energy named Kundalini that can guide us into unity. During the retreat we open the Kundalini flow in the body through specific Tantric methods, through letting go and through centering in trust in order to reach an inner state of bliss.

The main areas of exploration:
Awakening Kundalini flow
Circulating sexual energy
Supporting positive qualities
Facing fears
Centering into the Watcher
Surrendering to the Goddess forces
Shifting to the non-dual dimension
Initiation to the Tibetan Sun-Moon Tantra
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Raja Arya Ceremony
Union 4          26 - 30 November
This retreat is intended to immerse you into the nectar of devotion by refining the sexual energy into an expansion of love. Through this process, men and women awaken their divine flow and learn to share it through the sacred intimacy from the Raja Arya Tantra Ceremony.

The main areas of exploration:
Connecting sex and heart
Refining sexual energy
Awakening the qualities of devotion/worship
Letting go of the sense of separation
Embracing beauty
Learning sacred lovemaking
Ceremony of the Raja Arya Tantra
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