Giving and receiving

Give from your abundance to what has value for you. This is how life creates ever more life.

As a non-profit organization, Venwoude inspires people to develop their potential and use that for themselves, others and the world around them. At Venwoude, our way of living and working together is based on the principle of ‘giving what you’re good at and receiving what you need’. We welcome win-win relationships with like-minded people, businesses and organizations. All parties can grow and flower if ‘giving’ becomes a form of ‘receiving’, and vice versa.

Your conscious growth is a gift in itself
By walking your path of conscious growth with us, you are already nourishing not just yourself but also ‘the Venwoude field’. Some people notice this as soon as they enter the grounds of Venwoude. Working on yourself increases your ability to give and receive from an open heart, increasing your inner wealth at the same time. Unlike with material wealth, the more you share your inner riches, the more you get back!

Giving back
Countless people have contributed their unique gifts to Venwoude over the past 30 years, based on their passion for consciousness work. Do you also feel inspired to give back some of your time, energy, expertise or resources to what Venwoude stands for?

You can help us run our retreat center through our Venwoude in Action program. You can also sponsor us by sharing your expertise with us, by donating money or by donating in kind. For our new group facility in particular, we still need plenty of extra resources. Below you find more information about these options.

Venwoude in Action

Venwoude in Action is a program for people who like to assist us in the daily running of our Retreat Center, either once in a while or at regular intervals. In exchange for your time and energy, we offer an optimal environment for learning and practicing a way of working that is different from what most people are used to.

At Venwoude, we use ‘work’ as an opportunity for self-inquiry and conscious growth. Performing tasks with a conscious intention leads to more focus and less stress at the same time. You get our full support to help you extend your loving care to what needs to be done, as well as to yourself and your team mates.

More about Venwoude in Action

Interested? Please contact Hettie.


Sharing your expertise

If you feel inspired by what Venwoude stands for, you may feel called to share your expertise, knowledge or specific skills with us, in whatever form. We love to hear your ideas about this, so we can determine if what you’ve got to offer matches our needs at that moment.

If we see a potential win-win, we will invite you to talk things over to see if together we can find a suitable form. That form will depend partly on what would fit your own current path of conscious growth and what Venwoude might contribute to your unfolding. In this way, our collaboration can become a win-win for all parties concerned.

One option is working in one of Venwoude’s business units. Another option is a partnership where both parties collaborate on a basis of autonomy.

Interested? Please contact Eelco.


Donating in kind

If you resonate with what Venwoude stands for, you might also consider making a tangible contribution in the form of donating materials or tools, whether or not on loan. As long as they fit our vision and needs, we are very grateful for any gifts!

We also welcome any ideas, initiatives and (technical) experiments in the area of sustainability. Whenever appropriate, we are happy to promote your products or name in this respect.

As we are building a new group facility in 2018, donations in kind are most welcome at this time, as long as they fit the building’s design and our commitment to sustainability.

These might include:

  • Building materials: from wooden boards to fibreglass and everything in between: tiles, glass, screws…
  • Tools, whether or not on loan, such as: paintbrushes, measuring tapes, hammers, saws…
  • Specific products and furniture for various rooms:
    – hall: high-quality audio and video equipment, adjustable LED-lighting, sun screens, tables and chairs, matrasses, meditation cushions, backjacks…
    – bedrooms: beds, tables and chairs, night tables, wall-to-wall carpeting, curtains, bed linen, wall decorations…
    – showers and toilets: heated and lighted mirrors, water-saving faucets and other sanitary accessories
    – entrance, hallway and pantry: coat hooks, storage closets, lamps
    – outside: lamps and plants

Interested? Please contact Kees.


Donating in money

In 2017, the current ‘guardians’ or bearers of Venwoude have taken on the challenge of ensuring its continuation into the future, for the benefit of the children of our grandchildren. For this, a full revitalization of the estate will be necessary in the coming years. This will imply substantial investments in both existing and new buildings, their inventory and the surrounding grounds.

For this renovation program, we will need the support of people like you!

Being a non-profit organization, Venwoude cannot survive without the financial support of people who care about Venwoude and all that it stands for.

Giving back
In its 30-year history, Venwoude has offered countless people the chance to work on their personal growth and/or give their own workshops and retreats in the warm, supportive atmosphere so typical of Venwoude. In order to be able to continue to serve people and society at large in this way, we now make an urgent appeal to all of you to contribute to our renovation program in any way you can.

Building Venwoude’s future together
In November 2017, after a long preparatory process, we began construction for a new conference building. To be able to finish it, we will need funding. To be specific, besides our own resources, we will need 300,000 euros in the form of donations and/or sponsoring. So far, we have been able to raise about 100,000 euros. The current state of our fundraising efforts is indicated by our ‘gifts barometer’ next to the Tree of Life mosaic in the Pyramid (see below).

We invite you to allow your Deep Heart to speak and make a financial contribution to the realization of this new and completely sustainable group facility. In this way, together, we build a future for Venwoude.

How can you contribute?
In the Pyramid, you find a holder with donation forms in different colors, depending on the amount. Take the form of your choice, fill it out with your name, telephone number and email address, then put it into the mail box next to it.

And by the way, every little bit helps – there is another holder for your cash.

In case you would like to support us financially in any other way, please contact Leon Gras, chairman of the Board of our foundation. He will be happy to help you find the form of donation or sponsoring that best suits your situation.

Tree of Life mosaic
As a sponsor, you can have your name added to the ‘Tree of Life’, a mosaic artwork that is now in the Pyramid and later will be given a place in the new group facility itself. It will be a wonderful reminder of the fact that the building owes its existence thanks to the gifts of so many people.

Interested? Please contact Leon.

Would you like to make a donation right away?

Please transfer your gift to this account number:

NL19 TRIO 0212 4945 89 in the name of Venwoude, Baarn.
Description: ‘Donation New Building’.

A huge and heartfelt thank-you for your generosity!

For more information about the new group facility, click here.