Welcome to Venwoude

“Interconnected Individuality frees up everyone’s unique contribution
to transforming the human condition.”

Venwoude has been a living laboratory for personal growth, sustainable living and spiritual transformation for 30 years.

Our Retreat Center is located on a beautiful estate in a woodland nature sanctuary between Amsterdam and Utrecht in the Netherlands.


Retreat Center Venwoude: time for reflection, awakening and transformation

The Venwoude Sangha: walking the path of conscious growth together

The Venwoude Life School: making the difference with your dreams and talents

Venwoude For Rent: a unique retreat center in a Dutch nature sanctuary


Giving and Receiving: Venwoude inspires people to develop their potential in order to enrich the world around them. Our way of living and working together is based on the principle of ‘giving what you’re good at and receiving what you need’. We welcome win-win relationships with like-minded persons, businesses and organizations.


The Mondo Zen Retreat

Deepen the connection with your true nature and life more graceful and fierce. Join Doshin for this 7 Day Reatreat starting on October 8th. >More info

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11 Mar - 17 Mar
Silent Zen Retreat
Jun Po Denis Kelly Roshi

This Retreat is for those who want to deepen their meditation practice within the Dharma of the Mondo Zen tradition. This Silent Retreat contains sitting […]

28 Apr - 01 May
The Transforming Power of Grace
Miranda Macpherson

A four day retreat with Miranda Macpherson to make that walk across the shore of your consciousness clearer, kinder and more potent. This retreat will […]

14 Oct - 20 Oct
Mondo Zen Koan Process Retreat
Doshin Michael Nelson Roshi

In this 7 day Mondo Zen retreat not only your connection to your true nature will deepen, you will most certainly find your specific Bodhisatva-way […]

Rudolf en Inez
Followed : Silent Retreat Isaac Shapiro
In de zomer waren wij voor het eerst langere tijd op Venwoude in verband met de retreat van Isaac Shapiro. En we waren geraakt door de sfeer, de omgeving, door de spirit die hier is, de ervaringen en know how die hier aanwezig is rond relaties en samen leven/samen werken. We vinden dit een belangrijke plek om voort te laten bestaan voor ons en onze kinderen en iedereen die op zelfonderzoek uit wil gaan. Heel veel inspiratie en levenskracht met jullie werk/leven op Venwoude.
Don McIver
Followed : Silent Zen Retreat
This silent zen retreat was my third retreat at Venwoude.  I highly recommend this silent zen retreat, and also the impeccable container that the facilities and community of Venwoude provide.  Upon arriving at Venwoude, I sense and feel the integrity of the space which then allows me to relax, and to quickly dive deeply into the silence.   I feel safe and know I will be well cared for during my stay and all the little details of daily life will be capably looked after.  I look forward to returning for another exquisite experience next year.  Much gratitude! Dr Don McIver DC (Canada)
Marianne Moliere
Followed : Silent Zen Retreat
Thank you, the whole Venwoude team, cooks, cleaners, everybody...from the bottom of my heart that you made it possible for me to sit in silence with a wonderful group of people and two great teachers...The care and love were visible in the subtle details, like the beautiful flower arrangements, a clean towel when I needed one, a big bowl of fruit, lovely food and the beautiful landscape all around us...