Retreat Center Venwoude

“Attractive retreat center in Dutch nature sanctuary

Venwoude is a unique retreat center in the  Netherlands, situated on a beautiful estate in the woods between Amsterdam and Utrecht. It is known for its excellent organic food, its simple but high-quality accommodations, its well-kept gardens and its general atmosphere of loving care and spiritual depth.

Year in,  year out, prominent international trainers and teachers of consciousness work choose Venwoude as their favorite venue because of the palpable spiritual vibe that is present here. This is a place where you feel invited to slow down and turn within, making it an ideal setting for personal growth, bodywork, energy work, meditation, satsang and other processes for spiritual transformation.

The Venwoude Retreat Center is run by a dynamic group of people with a passion for personal growth and consciousness work. From the very start, now 30 years ago, we have made our conference halls, group facilities and accommodations available for groups that have the healing of people, society and our planet at heart.


Venwoude News

Retreats are now possible!

Read more about the measurements we have made and the (capacity)possibilities here.



30 Oct - 01 Nov
Sensual Shakti Retreat
Marcia Sanders
Is there a deep longing in you to play, to awaken your senses, to experience your body sizzle with orgasmic vibrations? We will reunite with […]
12 Nov - 15 Nov
Tantra Training Level II
Mirjam Maëla & Sjors Boelaars
This Tantra training is about experiencing life directly. Who are you beyond your filters? Beyond your masks? Can you feel the connection with that core […]
16 Nov - 22 Nov
Fundamental Practitioner Training - The Gaia Method
Susanne Roursgaard
Are you interested in learning about The Gaia Method in its pure form, at a practitioner level? Then this is a training for you!
26 Nov - 29 Nov
Inner Medicine Way part 1
Pema Gitama
The Inner Medicine Way retreats revive ancient ways so we can remember and manifest our creative uniqueness and diversity with Clarity, Respect and Peace.
Don McIver
Followed : Silent Zen Retreat
This silent zen retreat was my third retreat at Venwoude.  I highly recommend this silent zen retreat, and also the impeccable container that the facilities and community of Venwoude provide.  Upon arriving at Venwoude, I sense and feel the integrity of the space which then allows me to relax, and to quickly dive deeply into the silence.   I feel safe and know I will be well cared for during my stay and all the little details of daily life will be capably looked after.  I look forward to returning for another exquisite experience next year.  Much gratitude! Dr Don McIver DC (Canada)
Marianne Moliere
Followed : Silent Zen Retreat
Thank you, the whole Venwoude team, cooks, cleaners, everybody...from the bottom of my heart that you made it possible for me to sit in silence with a wonderful group of people and two great teachers...The care and love were visible in the subtle details, like the beautiful flower arrangements, a clean towel when I needed one, a big bowl of fruit, lovely food and the beautiful landscape all around us...  
Günther Endres
Followed : Silent Zen Retreat
IT WAS A MOST WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE – with Jun Po and Vicara, and as well with all the helping hands of this great place Venwoude. Thank you all very much! Mit besten Grüßen / kind regards Dr. Günther Endres