Living the Embodiment of Grace

Teacher: Miranda Macpherson
Date: 07-05-2020 - 10-05-2020
Time: Thursday 10:00 - Sunday 17:30
Language: English

Grace (or direct experience of Divine Presence) is the very ground of our being, the blessings that sustain us, the power that transforms our suffering into wisdom, and an invitation to live in this world from a consciousness beyond it.

Grace is more than a lofty state that fills your heart with gratitude. It is direct experience of our Divine True Nature coming alive within you, re-connecting you to boundless love, clarity, peace, strength and joy.

You may have tasted moments where separation has given way to Grace. Yet the real value of mystical endeavour is not just for some of us to have a happier time of things, but for there to be more spiritually mature, wise, loving, graceful human beings in every country, in every boardroom, in every home.

What does it take to live in this world with its relentless pace and unprecedented complexity, while remaining grounded in the luminous presence that is never rocked and does not change? How can we embody the noble qualities of our deepest nature with all that life brings, turning everyday situations into the path of awakening? What can help close that gap between luminous moments and the way we actually live daily life?

Ego relaxation

Miranda will share her feminine approach to spiritual surrender, and why Grace is the key to opening the gates to deeper dimensions of consciousness, transforming your suffering into wisdom and living your highest potential in this world.

She will share how Ego Relaxation can support you to stay present, open-hearted and responsive as you watch the news, navigate blessings and challenges within your relationships, your work and issues concerning your body. Together, we will practice resting inwardly, listening to the innate love and wisdom that guides us how to become a living embodiment of Grace in daily life. Just as a single jasmine blossom can uplift the entire room with its exquisite fragrance, so your very presence can radiate noble qualities and a heavenly breeze deeper into our world.

* Grounding in awareness while embracing everything with love.

* Staying present, undefended and responsive in complex situations.

* Inspired Action – how prayer supports doing from Being.

* Befriending your body, heart and mind as a Divine vessel.

* Actualizing Love’s presence amidst daily life.

About Miranda

Miranda Macpherson is a contemporary spiritual teacher, feminine mystic and author of The Way of Grace: The Transforming Power of Ego Relaxation, Boundless Love, and Meditations on Boundless Love.

Born in Australia, Miranda founded the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation in London, where she trained and ordained over 600 ministers. Today she leads the Living Grace sangha in Northern California and holds retreats internationally.

Miranda’s work is a holistic approach to spiritual surrender and nondual realization that embraces the totality of our human experience as a gateway into Grace. It includes self-inquiry, spiritual psychology, devotion, and meditation practice, drawn from extensive study of the world’s wisdom traditions, her own awakening process and and thirty years experience guiding others into direct experience of the Sacred.  Unapologetically feminine, joyful and down to earth in her way of being, Miranda is devoted to loving people back into the freedom and wholeness of their true nature.

Find out more at or visit her YouTube channel to experience her transmission and teachings.

On the evening before this retreat, Miranda will give an introductory satstang. Register here for the satsang >


€ 600,- for the retreat (dormitory based sleeping)

EARLY BIRD: € 525,- before February 1st 2020

Single Room: 3 nights € 147,50/ 4 nights € 195,-

Double Room: 3 nights € 115,- pp / 4 nights € 152,50 pp


Miranda Macpherson