Silent Zen Retreat

Teacher: Doshin Michael Nelson Roshi
Date: 16-03-2020 - 22-03-2020
Time: Monday 10:00 - Sunday 17:00
Language: English

Want to feel ‘zen’ again? In our hectic lives and dynamic jobs, it can be hard to stay in touch with our natural inner peace. Seven days of being silent will help you step out of the rapids of constant mental chatter and enter into a deeper layer of relaxation and awareness. This silent Zen retreat, led by international Zen teacher Doshin Michael Nelson Roshi, offers a great chance to return to a state of balance.

As a spiritual path, Zen leads you to a direct connection with your essence. Rekindling this sense of connection with yourself, encountering inner peace, will enable you to reconnect with your life, your work and the people around you from a deeper place in yourself.

About the teacher
Doshin is a poet, troublemaker, and teacher – a Zen Master of no rank.  He is the founder of Integral Zen, Inc. the Colorado branch of the Hollow Bones Zen Order and co-founder of the Poetry of Dying Project, which uses the mirror of death to point to the essence of life.  Doshin worked directly with Jun Po as he first released and then developed the Process of Mondo Zen™.  He has been fully trained and is adequately skilled in this incredibly transformative practice.

Beginner’s mind
Are you unfamiliar with zazen, the sitting meditation in the Zen tradition? Or do you have only a little experience with any kind of meditation? Don’t let that stop you from participating in this powerful silent retreat. And don’t be deterred by the black clothing we will be wearing during this week. That is just an ancient tradition to avoid any unnecessary distractions. Reducing the distractions from the outside world helps you get a new perspective on your own mind and a deeper understanding of its mechanisms. The silence itself will teach you a lot, because at your core, you are silence, too.

In our seven days together, sitting meditation will be alternated with walking meditation, movement meditation (Qi Gong and yoga) and meditation in action. The daily Dharma lectures will go into questions such as: How does the mind work? What is suffering? What is happiness and what is the cause of an absence of happiness? You will also have a private conversation (Dokusan) with the teacher where you can ask personal questions related to your meditation practice.

About Zen
Zen is a philosophy and way of life, not a religion. The purpose of Zen is to get insight in, and reconnect to, your ‘original nature’. Zen Buddhism has its origin in Buddhism, which spread from India to China. There it was mixed with Taoism and was called Chan. In the 6th century, Chan was brought to Japan, where it became known as Zen. Two different schools developed here: Rinzai Zen and Soto Zen, both of which focus on concentrating the mind. Rinzai Zen makes use of koans to support your progress on your path towards a liberated way of life.

Practical information

Costs: € 997,- for the retreat including dormitory based sleeping

One person bedroom: € 295,-

Two person bedroom: € 230,-


Doshin Michael Nelson Roshi