07 May t/m 10 May
Retreat: Living the Embodiment of Grace
Teacher: Miranda Macpherson
Grace (or direct experience of Divine Presence) is the very ground of our being, the blessings that sustain us, the power that transforms our suffering […]
12 May t/m 17 May
Retreat: The Practice of Human Flourishing
Teachers: The Bodhi College (Stephen Batchelor, John Peacock & Antonia Macaro)
This retreat will focus on the striking parallels between the teachings of Gotama, as found in the early Buddhist discourses, and those of Socrates, the […]
15 May t/m 17 May
Retreat: Temple Priestess Retreat
Trainer: Marcia Sanders
If you have a Feminine Essence and you feel the longing to experience your body as a Sacred temple of the Divine Feminine, you will […]
27 May t/m 31 May
Retreat: Sexual Healing & De-Armouring
Teacher: Susanne Roursgaard
A retreat to learn how to work on healing the body from sexual blockages, stuck energy and traumas. To re-awaken the body to its sexual […]
03 Jun t/m 07 Jun
Retreat: Wild Tantra Retreat 2: Female/Male Orgasm
Teacher: Pema Gitama
Within this retreat women and men are separated for 3 days before coming back together for specific practices. It allows them to explore different issues, […]
11 Jun t/m 14 Jun
Retreat: Wild Tantra Retreat 6: The Weaver
Teacher: Pema Gitama
Through worship, sacred rituals, devotion and prayer this retreat unveils the space where you are directly connected with the resource of consciousness, of creative forces […]
12 Jun t/m 14 Jun
Masterclass: Healing With Consciousness
Teacher: Nishant Matthews
Consciousness has incredible healing potentials built into it, including emotional healing, physical healing, spiritual re-connection and more.  And yet, it is also one of the […]
13 Aug t/m 16 Aug
Retraite: Female Sexuality & De-Armouring
Teacher: Susanne Roursgaard
In this women’s only retreat, we will dive into different aspects of the female sexuality and explore with ourselves as well as work with each […]
23 Aug t/m 06 Sep
Retreat: Silent Retreat
Teacher: Isaac Shapiro
An invitation to recognise the Truth of your self, who you are and have always been. As you are already This there is no need […]
10 Sep t/m 13 Sep
Retreat: Wild Tantra Retreat 3: Kundalini Awakening
Teacher: Pema Gitama
This retreat is devoted to root you into bliss by activating, harmonizing the kundalini energy within you. It refines your sensitivity from pleasure sensations to […]