Here you find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Venwoude.
We have listed them in two different categories:

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What is Venwoude?

Venwoude is a unique retreat center in the  Netherlands, situated on a beautiful estate in the woods between Amsterdam and Utrecht. It is known for its excellent organic food, its simple but high-quality accommodations, its well-kept gardens and its general atmosphere of loving care and spiritual depth.

How do I get to Venwoude?

By car: our visiting address is: Vuursesteeg 1, 3749 AN Lage Vuursche, Netherlands. Click here for an up-to-date route planner.

By public transport: at railway station Hilversum or Den Dolder, take a taxi or bus 59 (once an hour, not on Sundays) or rent a bicycle. For more information about Dutch public transport, go to www.9292.nl (destination: bus stop Venwoude).

Does Venwoude have wifi?

Yes, in all conference/training halls, bedrooms and public meeting spaces there is free wifi.

I left some of my belongings behind at Venwoude. How do I contact Lost & Found?

Please e-mail hd@venwoude.nl or phone *31-(0)35 666 8447. Let us know what you’re missing, where you think you may have left it and in which training you were participating. You will be informed whether or not the object has been found and where you can pick it up. Unclaimed found objects are safeguarded for about a month and then taken to a second-hand store.

Are bed linen and/or towels included when I booked a room?

When you booked accommodation at Venwoude, bed linen and towels are included. 

Is it possible to arrive the night before my training or stay another night afterwards?

That is only possible for people coming from abroad, depending on the availability of beds and at an extra charge. For more information, please e-mail us at bookings@venwoude.nl.

Can I pay for my consumptions in the Pyramid by bank card?

Yes, in the Pyramid you can pay with most types of debit cards and credit cards, including contactless (up to 25 euros, through NFC technology).

I am on a strict diet; should I bring my own food?

Venwoude employs professional cooks who can cater for special diets. We aim to provide delicious meals that support the deep inner process during retreats.
For most common diets, such as lactose-free or gluten-free, standard alternatives are available (special bread, spelt products, vegan milk, goatcheese /-yogurt etc). Don’t hesitate to ask for possibilities. In case of doubt about your specific diet, please let us know on your training registration form or e-mail us at keuken@venwoude.nl

Venwoude for Rent

What are the conditions for renting a hall at Venwoude?

In general, Retreat Center Venwoude strives for long-time, multiple-year relationships with its rental clients. In weekends (Friday to Sunday) it is only possible to book a hall for two or more consecutive days. Renting a hall for one day or night is only possible if it is part of a longer program consisting of multiple-day blocks.

The minimum number of poeple for the group facilities is 15 for the Gentiaan hall, 18 for the Tormentil/Wederik hall and 35 for the Lariks hall. Meals and catering will be taken care of by Venwoude.

Where do I find your prices for renting a hall and accommodations?

We make customized quotations, taking into account length of stay, amount of participants, whether it is a one-time event or part of a longer year program etcetera. You can request a quotation by e-mailing verhuur@venwoude.nl, stating your wishes about dates, number of days and participants, dimensions of the hall, accommodation etcetera.

Is it possible to view availability of halls online?

Unfortunately, no, that is not possible yet. Renting conference or training halls is linked to the availability of sleeping accommodations. Please e-mail verhuur@venwoude.nl or phone (00-31)-(0)35 666 8447 for the most recent information.