Group facilities

Our group facilities are simple but well-equipped and of high quality. All three freestanding buildings are made of wood and are situated in nature, offering open views to the surrounding woods and/or Sun Meadow. With their natural materials, restful colors and plenty of incoming daylight they all radiate a refreshing clarity.

In total, these three wooden buildings contain four training/conference halls: the Lariks (187 m²), the Tormentil/Wederik (80/45 m²) and the Gentiaan (108 m²). 

Apart from their main hall, all group facilities include an entrance hall with coat racks and a hallway with toilets, showers and open storage spaces for luggage.

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Standard equipment

All main halls are supplied with matrasses, meditation cushions, backjacks, yoga mats and an audio equipment with connections for laptop and/or smartphone. Tables, chairs, flap-overs, massage tables and a beamer are available on request.


Lariks hall

With its 187 m² the Lariks is the largest conference hall/training room for rent at Venwoude. The building also provides accommodation for 25 people, distributed over 20 rooms.

The design of our new conference building is an outstanding model of sustainability in every respect: use of materials, heating and lighting systems, etcetera.

See on the right for a virtual tour of this new building.

Conference hall
The spacious hall situated in nature with beautiful open views on the surrounding woods is equipped with:

– Floor heating: its smooth, soft dance floor with comfortable floor heating makes this hall ideal for bodywork like yoga, massage, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, dance, breathwork and Tantra.
– Light regulation: create your own ambiance with adjustable lighting to suit all needs and tastes: from light & clear to warm & intimate to dark & silent.
– Audio and video: enjoy the benefits of a high-quality audio and video equipment with a beamer that can be lowered from the ceiling.
– Superfast internet through a new glass fibre connection.

The two-floor accommodation unit has 25 beds distributed over 5 double rooms and 15 single rooms. There are a total of 7 toilets in the building and 8 shower cabins, including a shower/toilet for the disabled.

Maximum capacity
Theater arrangement (chairs): 180 people
Theater arrangement (chairs and cushions): 150 people
Dance/bodywork: 80 people
Yoga mats/matrasses: 50 people

Our new group facility further consist of an entrance hall with coat racks and a spacious hallway with a meeting point, open storage spaces for luggage and a small pantry for tea and coffee.

The Lariks hall is ideal for bodywork, lectures, movie showings, satsang meetings and other larger events.


Tormentil and Wederik halls

The Tormentil hall radiates a quiet atmosphere with lots of incoming daylight. With its 80 m² the hall is suitable for groups of 18-40 people.

This hall is mostly used for workshops and trainings in the field of bodywork, yoga, dance, satsang etcetera.

Maximum capacity
Theater arrangement (chairs): 40 people
Theater arrangement (chairs and cushions): 60 people
Dance/bodywork: 30 people
Yoga mats/matrasses: 23 people

The building includes a second, smaller hall of 45 m² called the Wederik hall. It further contains an entrance hall with a coat rack and a spacious hallway with 3 toilets, 4 shower cabins and open storage spaces for luggage.

In principle, this group facility is only rented out to one group at a time.


Gentiaan hall

The Gentiaan is like a foresthouse, while it is situated in the middle of the forest of our estate. Therefor it radiates a restful, cosy and natural atmosphere. Often participants get confiscated by deers passing by. Thanks to the many windows the hall there is plenty of incoming daylight. This hall is mostly used for workshops and trainings in the field of bodywork, massage, yoga, tantra, dance, satsang etcetera.

During Corona lock-down we renovated and expanded the hall. The floor space has increased from 65m2 to 108m2. We also improved the acoustics, the sound system and the lighting, the floor is renewed. The hall is freshly painted and is equiped with an air filter.

Maximum capacity
Theater arrangement (chairs and cuchions): 90 people
Dance/bodywork: 55 people
Yoga mats/matrasses: 35 people

The building has a cosy veranda, an entrance hall with a coat rack, a hallway with 3 toilets and a spacious room for your training materials.


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